A community is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.

Let's build a lifetime community of students... together.

From Accommodations

A quick and easy way to help students fresh of high school to find their new homes

To Places To Visit

Students deserve fun too. Let them enjoy the activities you offer near their University

And All Kinds Of Services

From Salons & Barbershops, to Photography, Cabs & Gadget fix services.

How To List Your Business


Account & Pictures

Create and account and have your pictures ready. Note that picture width size should be 1080px or 800px.

click here to resize your picutres.


Listing Details

Chose the proper catagory and add the required details that best describe your business. make sure you don't miss and important informationšŸ˜‰.


Publish Listing

Double check your details and click submit listing. on the next window chose between free or premium listing.


South Africa has over 1m university students with more students from high schools coming

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